Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Beer, Resolutions and the Kid Disco

The #5 beer on Earth according to Beer
Advocate. Still saving up to try the #5 scotch.
As regular readers of this space are well aware, I enjoy beer.

I like the taste. I like the smell. I like the effect and I enjoy commiserating with friends while we all enjoy good beer. It is one of life's true joys.

Some of my more refined friends enjoy scotch. I like it too but it's just not my drink. It's heavy, less social and imbibers tend to be less ebullient than the beer crowd.

Aside from being delicious, beer possesses a margin of error other potables do not.

Drinks like scotch can equal a full-day's commitment if you have more than two. When you've got kids to keep up with, spending a day working off a scotch hangover isn't an option.

Over the space of a couple hours one can responsibly enjoy a couple beers while still maintaining control of one's faculties or finding themselves in need of an excellent legal team.

In the event that I needed to make the case in favor of beer, I believe I've done just that. I like it a lot, so perhaps this helps lend some gravitas to my beer-related New Year's resolution.

You might remember that I said I would only enjoy beer on three occasions through the month of January. 

Well, so far so good.
Before the crowd arrived the boy (in blue) and a couple
of other early arrivals had the floor to themselves. 

But it hasn't been easy and I'm now walking a very, fine line.

On Friday the 15th a group of friends gathered for a rare meeting of the minds at a local tavern. Over the course of three hours we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, solved all the world's problems and decided we wouldn't wait so long before doing it again.

So, one beer day had been exhausted but, I still had two left and it was already halfway through the month.

Provided I was judicious, I'd be able to enjoy beer once per week for the next two weeks and still achieve my resolution.

But, I wasn't judicious and here's why.

They call it Kid Disco and on Saturday January 16th, I went.

Essentially what happens at Kid Disco is parents bring their kids while a local DJ (who actually happens to be a renowned international DJ with kids of his own) spins fantastic tunes.

There's a bubble machine, more kids than you can count and loads of parents without a care in the world.

It's also hosted inside the cozy confines of a venerable local brewery. And that, dear reader, is a crucial point and one that brings me back to my original point — and my beer-related resolution.
Cozying up to the DJ and always, always,
always eyeing the monitor to see what
he was going to play next. 

Because, while it's great to find a place where you can take your kids and they can meet other kids and listen to great music and dance like little kids do, it's doubly great to find a place where you can take your kids to enjoy these things while you enjoy beer — responsibly.

And on that last matter, I feel (sadly) compelled to remind people that thankfully no one has ruined this yet.

Drinking too much at Kid Disco would be like getting hammered at a neighborhood block party. If you lack the self control to enjoy beer responsibly in front of kids, you deserve every, single shred of ridicule and scorn your community can conjure up to hurl at you.

But, like I said, not an issue.

Nope, instead I was worry free, enjoying excellent beer while watching North Carolina basketball on two of the 20 screens at my disposal.

Mrs. Blackwell, as she often does, was out working the room and making friends.

Meanwhile, Master Blackwell ran around with other kids, danced, sang and shouted. Our new little guy — trooper that he is — slept through all of it.

So, I'm down to just one beer day left for the month. Mrs. Blackwell's birthday is later this week and she's doing her best to ensure that this is the day I burn it. She's got competition though. This weekend marks the first Kid Disco since we last went.
The little guy woke up just as we were getting ready to go.
He's got perfect timing. 

Maybe I'll want to save my beer day for that? But save I must.

Lord knows, it's not much of a resolution but, it's mine. I made it and I can still finish it.

Yes, it might be modest but I'm 'thhiiisssss' (thumb and index finger a nanometer apart) close to achieving it.

There are others I've set out of course. Some I've yet to start while others (like losing belly fat) are presumably well under way.

We'll see but, it's been interesting to me to observe in myself — for the first time ever — that 26 days into the new year, I've still got one resolution I haven't broken.

You'll know whether I've done it or not either by a blog post in which I pat my own back for 400 words, or if I never write of it again.

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