Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Baby Gender Pt. II — The Reveal

Hot on the heels of Father's Day, Mrs. Blackwell and I got the news we've been waiting for regarding our germinating little bundle of joy.

First, it's healthy. (I have to remind myself sometimes that that's the most important news.)

Second, it's a boy!!!

I am as thrilled to say it now as I was to first hear it. You might remember that I wrote a post entitled "Baby Gender Pt. I: If It's a Boy." The idea was to follow it up with a "Pt. II: If It's a Girl." But, as I'll detail below, things have been busy of late, and this information came fast.

Meh, all water under the bridge now. We're having a boy and we couldn't be happier.

Curtis' reaction to the big news. He's similarly enthused about
being told to get off the couch. 
It was particularly enjoyable to get the news so close to Father's Day.

It was even better that I was able to share the moment with my father, who's visiting along with my mom and younger brother.

My dad would be disappointed if I didn't mention that their Yellow Labrador Retriever Curtis, is joining them too. (So, here you are Curtis, enjoy your moment.)

They all live about 1,000 miles away and we don't get together as much as we'd like so, again, it was cool to have them here. This also marked the first time ever I shared Father's Day together with my dad and son.

Mrs. Blackwell has been out of town too, partaking in a six-day sojourn to exotic Arkansas for yet another one of her sexy vacations. She arrived home late at night and we turned around early the next morning for our doctor's appointment.

So great news abounds but, damn, life's been busy here.

And soon enough (sometime in October if you're into specifics) we'll add another boy to the Blackwell clan and it will get even busier.

In the midst of the current craziness Master Blackwell soldiers on, blissfully unaware of the impending arrival of his little brother.

For now, the biggest challenges in his life are his potty training, keeping track of his drum sticks and maintaining his collection of foam letters.

His world is one in which he wanders in and out of conversations and only occasionally pays attention to his surroundings, except to stay close to the bathroom. In this sense, he and my father are very much alike.

That said, the boy's world as he knows it is about to be fundamentally altered and though we explain to him that he's going to be a big brother, I'm not sure he understands the weight of this.

Pictured: Two happy parents and one boy.
Throughout his three plus years on this planet he's grown accustomed to being the center of attention. With his uncle and grandparents visiting, he's been getting a concentrated dose of this treatment.

Soon he'll be sharing this attention.

But the rewards of his sacrifice will be many and, as my wife is fond of saying, love doesn't get divided, it multiplies.

Until this new reality arrives, I intend to cherish the next few months. Master Blackwell has been a lot of fun lately.

Right now he loves inciting me to chase him by yelling "Wone play getch yooo?!?" (That's toddler slang for: "Father, do you want to play a game of 'Get You' wherein you will chase and I will run from you?"

He also regularly asks, "Wanna go on Daddy's shoulders?" and while his tone sounds like a question, it's very much a request. It's hokey I know but, walking with my son on my shoulders makes me feel taller. Then after about a half mile, it makes me feel older and shorter, which I probably am.

And while it's probably equally hokey to say it, I'm happy to sacrifice some more of my height to have another little guy to put up there.

Yes folks, we're having a boy and we couldn't be happier.


Perri Davenport said...

Awesome! We are thrilled for you! �� Oh,and don't let Dad give Curtis too many peanuts...kisses all around! ~Perri & Brian

Blackwell said...


Will do Perry.