Thursday, February 5, 2015

He Can Read!!! Now, How Do We Reverse It?

Outside of beer and yelling at my television, one of the joys I get out of life right now is reading with the boy.

He’s 2.5 years old but, he’s consuming books cover to cover now and reading all the words aloud. If it sounds a bit like I’m bragging, well, maybe I am.

But, but, but, I am also keeping this leap forward in perspective.

That’s easy to do when the vast majority of early learners don’t speed away from the pack on their way to Steven Hawking-ville. 

According to extensive and, doubtlessly reliable research I’ve conducted on the Internet, most accelerated toddlers level off shortly after heading to elementary school.

So, we won’t get Master Blackwell fitted for his tweed jacket with elbow patches just yet and we’ve put the leather-bound collection of Homer’s works on hold.

For now, I am treasuring the reality that he’s not yet perusing Time magazine or getting the latest on the war in the Ukraine or the battle against ISIS in the Middle East. 

And I'm downright in love with the fact that he’s not capable of navigating the deep, frightening recesses of the world wide web.

Yes sir, it’s times like these that I need to be thankful and live in the moment. There’s a lot to be savored right now.

First, I am still able to teach the boy a few things. Before I know it, he’ll be smarter than me and more knowledgeable about all kinds of things.

As my dusty, old-man mind becomes sclerotic and revolts at the mere prospect of change, his young, nimble brain cells will sparkle with ideas and brim with disruptions to the status quo.

He’ll be learning, and fast.
 No help from dad or mom. He can read it.
Next up, Jonathon Franzen's
'The Corrections.'

Which brings me to the next reason I’m treasuring these days: what will he be learning?

Each day he wakes with his mother or me, or both of us, standing over his bed welcoming him into a new morning with smiles and soft voices. In a matter of course he is comfortably dressed and enjoying breakfast.

Then he’s on his way to day care where he is surrounded with little kids his age. Together they do arts and crafts, listen to music, play with toys and sometimes watch Disney movies.

This life won’t last forever. It won’t be long before the toys change along with the movies and also, the books.

And it won’t be long before he reads the news and some of the bad things out there. The real world (the adult world) is primed and set to intrude on his perfect, beautiful little bubble.

Then what will he be learning? Some of it good, for sure, but some of it bad and painful — also for sure.

So while Mrs. Blackwell and I are pleased he’s reading now and he’s articulating well, we’re in no rush to advance the process, even if he is.

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