Tuesday, September 2, 2014

To a Couple Who Deserves the Best

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post here about a recent trip I took to meet up with some old friends. In that post, I mentioned that one friend's wife has a serious illness. 

At the time, I felt it was important to write this because it gave some perspective in the midst of a getaway that was completely bereft of reality. This little vacation could succinctly be described as ten idiots in a cottage relentlessly ridiculing one another and laughing the entire time.

We were a group of guys just hanging out, enjoying one another's company while the demands and responsibilities of the real world were suspended — if only for one beer-soaked weekend.  

In the midst of this frivolity, I was reminded that some of my friends are dealing with worries and concerns that go beyond what anyone would call normal or routine. We all know that each day people get up and silently face challenges that many of us can't fathom.

It's different when it turns out that these people are our friends, or our family.

And now I've received another reminder that good people get tested for no good reason.

In the past couple days, I've learned that the wife of yet another close friend — and a friend in her own right — is bearing far, far more than her fair share and being tested with a life-threatening illness.

He is a great guy. A lifelong buddy who would run through a wall for a friend — and I'm pretty sure he's tried that once or twice. 

She is the woman who overlooked this man's questionable taste in friends and even bothered to be nice to us all. In the best sense of the term, she became one of the guys and, ultimately, she became his wife. 

Since then, she's given birth to two beautiful little kids whom they both adore to no end. Put simply, this is a couple that deserves the best this life has to offer. 

But, with some illness, there is no deserve. 

There is only a stark challenge but, it's one for which they are well armed. 

First, they have each other. 

Together these two have a marriage built firmly upon friendship and love. Anyone who's spent even a little time with either knows their foundation is like granite — as hard as his head and as stiff as her resolve to overlook it. 

But, there's more.

When you spend a lifetime being a good person, a giving person and above all, trying to do the right thing, you build up an abundance of goodwill. Together they have this.

These two are also part of a tight circle and it's one that's bigger than maybe even they know. 

This circle is comprised of all the people they've touched throughout their lives and we love them, we're praying for them and we are rooting for them. 

They deserve nothing less. 

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