Monday, April 21, 2014

The Mop Top's First Crop

On the list of “firsts” parents have singled out for their child’s development, the haircut is a biggie.

Last week, the Blackwell clan found out why.

It turns out that when you give a kid who’s about two-years old his or her first hair cut it automatically ages them by about 15 years.

Mrs. Blackwell and I were a bit caught off guard by this result but our little guy went in as a toddler and came out looking, well, older.

He was sitting behind the wheel of a barber’s chair designed to look like a racecar, so maybe it was unavoidable that he’d look older. (Then again maybe it was the aviator sunglasses or the cigarette he was smoking, either way, he looked more grown up.) 

Minus the liver spots, this is the boy's scalp.
And while we might not have been thrilled with this result, we had no choice. The boy’s hair needed a trim — desperately.

Babies are perfect but, for many, their hair isn’t. There are long patches here, and shorter strands there and it can get looking pretty ratty before you know it.

In Master Blackwell’s case, his hair grew in a pattern reminiscent of C. Montgomery Burns. Very little on top, and a rim of long, wispiness that ran ear to ear around the back of his head.

I’d make the Monty Burns reference to friends and family when the subject of junior’s hair arose. It was sort of my way of acknowledging that “yes he’ll need a hair cut but he’s still little, so for now this is OK.”

Well, after making the Monty Burns analogy for a while I realized a couple things:

a) it’s stale and probably not as funny as I thought
b) the kid needs a hair cut

In full candor, the little guy could have probably used a cut quite a while ago but Mrs. Blackwell and I resisted and probably me more so than her.

It turns out I was right to procrastinate. With his 2nd birthday just days away, the quest to prevent him from growing up continues and continues to fail. 

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