Monday, July 8, 2013

It's Been a Long Time

We're back.

It’s been three plus months — far too long and I intend to work hard to get my regain my formerly devoted readership.

I’ve learned a lot in the last quarter of a year, not the least of which is how fast things can get moving.

"Well, hello there."

Master Blackwell has progressed from crawling and can now take a step or two, free from the assistance of mom or dad.

He talks all the time — it’s baby babble mostly but he does have a few words for which we are pretty sure he understands the meaning.

There’s “Yeah.” There’s “Mama” and “Dada.” And there’s also some sign language. The good folks at the little guy’s day care taught him a few signs, including one for “all done.” So now when he’s done his meal, he raises his hands and turns his palms up. Mrs. Blackwell and I say “All done?” and he replies with some kind of noise.

It’s a clear back-and-forth communication, a development that has been really, really cool.

He’s also getting heavier. Sturdier. Riskier. He rolls onto his tummy and slides off the couch and our bed, slowly slipping to the ground below.

On some of his trips down from the summit of Mt. Tempurpedic, he’ll stop halfway, clinging to the sheets while his feet dangle six inches off the ground. It’s as if he’s not sure; maybe this is the time the ground won’t be there. Maybe mom and dad have moved it.

He promised to return the keys once I started blogging
about him again.

That’s how he gets around mostly — toddling from one piece of furniture to the next, using one arm to support himself and filling in the gaps between furniture with crawling.

He’s a happy little boy who smiles frequently and laughs a lot. He doesn’t mind being held by just about anyone and we’re happy for that too.

After three plus months, I’m back here in large part because I wanted to log all these changes. There’s so much happening that I want to remember it all and I want Master Blackwell to have a record of what he was like and what we were like as he grew.

Mrs. Blackwell also says I’m happier when I write the blog and she’s pretty smart so, why not follow her advice and opt to be as happy as I can be?

So here it is, the reboot. This one’s for you son. 

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