Friday, January 18, 2013

Where is Baby's Childcare? Vol. 2

After reading Wednesday’s blog, Mrs. Blackwell had a few concerns regarding the information I was releasing to the public.

Easily said.
To specify what those fears were would be to highlight the source of the fear and thus, the definition of stupidity. While that’s a standard I meet with regularity, I’m conscious of avoiding it today. Suffice it to say that a parent’s concerns are wide-ranging.

So, consider this Part 2 a deviation from what I’d intended to write.

Please don’t mistake my vagueness for anything other than an attempt to respect my wife’s hyper-paranoia wise and justifiably speculative nature regarding security. (Kidding sweetheart).

In full candor, Mrs. Blackwell made some valid points, which I reflexively dismissed because, let’s face it, who knows better than me right?

However, once I stopped and considered what she’d said I realized that fear is pretty relative and while you can parse and deconstruct the logic of your fear, it’s a pretty fruitless exercise to do this when it comes to your child.

Mrs. Blackwell’s stance notwithstanding, we don’t have to look far for things to be scared about. Just about everything in our home located within a foot of the ground is now a potential health hazard.

While Master Blackwell isn’t crawling yet, he is rolling, angling and wiggling his way around proficiently, albeit slowly and accompanied with much grunting and squealing.

But, what he lacks in subtlety and quickness he more than makes up for in destination selection.
Pictured: A $50 teething toy. 

The boy, it seems, loves him some technology. Remote controls, smart phones and other nearby consoles are regular targets for a drive-by droolings from the boy. Last week he was rolling around on the floor with a controller in his mouth.

Gurgling, giggling and in general enjoying every moment of it. Funny, that my  interactions when using the remote properly have yet to yield this level of contentment.

All of which is to say, the kid will put anything in his mouth, regardless of size. I’m not sure if he can unhinge his jaw like a python but, he’s under the impression it’s possible.

His ambitions notwithstanding, it’s terrifying knowing that, no matter what, he’s going to try.

Fear, it would seem, really can be everywhere. 

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