Monday, December 17, 2012

Baby's Fleeting Comfort

Looking at a baby nestled in a fleece onesie and wrapped in a fresh, flannel blanket with a soft cotton cap sitting snugly atop his head, it’s easy to think that babies have it made.

When they wake up, someone is there to change their diaper, feed them and burp them; the baby doesn’t have to so much as move.

Yes, it does seem like an easy life. But, there are clearly occasions when it’s not comfortable to be a baby.

There are times when babies look disheveled and uncomfortable to a degree that would make the town drunk proud.

Few things are cuter than a freshly-bathed baby wearing a fresh outfit and a big, glowing grin.

But in a flash that picture can disappear and be replaced by its polar opposite.

Instead of a smile the kid is now wearing a frown and/or crying furiously. Their flawless porcelain cheeks are now cherry red and a glaze of saliva has taken up residence on the entire lower half of her face.

Like slimy tears the saliva trails its way toward the baby’s shirt where the neckline sags under the weight of all the moisture it’s absorbed. The waistline of the kid’s pants now sits just below their nipples, somewhere near Clint Eastwood territory.

Their sleeves have rolled up, as if the kid were somehow going to embark on a building project of some kind.

Likewise, one pant leg has mysteriously found its way above the knee and one sock has gone MIA, never to be found again – or at least until you next look under the couch.

Of course the kid is powerless to do anything to correct the situation. They can’t towel off their face and slimy chest. They can’t roll pull down their pants, roll down their sleeves or pant cuff and damned if they know where that sock went.

Top it all off with a set of teeth making its way through previously perfect, soft, pink gums and I can’t say I’d wish this scenario on an enemy.

It might be easy being a baby sometimes, but it’s fleeting.

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