Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Does Your Baby Like You?

Leave it up to our good friends at The Bump, to explore yet another preposterous question that provides yours truly with more fodder for pondering in this space. 

As part of their neverending quest to delve into and then revel in, every possible insecurity a new parent could have, the good scribes at the Bump published "10 Signs Your Baby Likes You." 

In the spirit of equality, and because I've got little better to do, I'll go through a few of their "10 Signs Your Baby Likes You."

And. Here. We. Go. 

He's screaming bloody murder. He must really, really
like me. 
1) Eye contact. "You know those moments when a baby gazes deep into your eyes (kind of like he's trying to see your soul)? That's a sign he's attracted to you and he's trying to get to know you even better." 

-- Yep. Me and the ceiling fan are both recipients of this love everyday. 

2) Turning toward you. "Even before birth, your voice is a comfortable, soothing sound for your child, and he'd rather hear you than anyone else on the planet. That's why even young babies will turn toward a familiar sound.

-- And what if he turns away from me with regularity? 

3) Opening his mouth. An open mouth is a sign of endearment or love.

-- If an open mouth is a sign of love, then my boy "loves" the better part of Madison, Wisconsin and all the living creatures and inanimate objects that call it home. 

6) Smiles, of course! "No, it's not just gas! Somewhere between six weeks and three months, baby will look at you and flash a full-on smile that's guaranteed to make even the most cynical mama's heart swell." 

-- With the exception of the gratuitous use of exclamation points, I agree with everything written here.

7) Cooing & Babbling. "Shortly after baby's first smile - usually sometime around two months - he'll start trying to chat with you."

Though he waited longer than two months to start his regular babbling it's been one of the fun developments of late that he regularly unleashes a torrent of babbles and baby talk. Punctuated by squeals and piercing little yells. 

We have no idea about what he's saying and there is rarely anything we can associate the stream of baby talk and we're not sure if it means he likes us but it's fun to listen to, even if we're not sure if he likes us. 

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