Wednesday, May 30, 2012

He Looks Just Like...

No sooner is a baby born than folks attempt to figure out just who this kid looks like. 

With me there was zero mystery. My father has a twin brother and my baby photos more closely resemble dad than his brother (who happens to be my namesake, for your information). 

Aside from our taste in shirts, I still fail to see the resemblance.
Other babies aren't so easily pegged.

At this point we're pretty sure our little guy has Mrs. Blackwell's nose    a fortuitous development as that's always been a feature I've particularly enjoyed on my wife. We're also certain he's got my brow    which he exercises regularly to convey his annoyance and/or frustration toward the outside world. 

Master Blackwell has got the old man's look of displeasure but, it could be worse. It's not as if we're dressing him up to look like me    or his mom.

Here, I'm reminded of the Simpson's episode where Mr. Burns is grooming Bart to be his heir. Burns fits Bart with a tight-fitting sport coat and reassures him that his discomfort will be justified as he'll one day have a back with "a mighty hump."

We'll be offering no such interventions. Our little guy will get a nutritious diet and a serviceable wardrobe but beyond that, mother nature is in charge. 

And after my brow and Mrs. Blackwell's nose, all bets are off as far as I'm concerned. He's got big eyes (when he opens them), that could be his mom's or mine. He's got long limbs. Again, both mom and dad have those too.  

"Mr. & Mrs. Blackwell, your son, courtesy the baby morpher.

What's interesting to me is how two people can look at the same baby and see two different things. 

One moment, he looks just like me. The next he's his mother's baby. Some see his uncles, others his grandparents. 

This speculation could all be for naught; who he looks like now could possibly bear no resemblance to how he looks when he's grown. We all know people who have cute baby pictures that now look nothing like them. Heck, perhaps you're one of those people. (What happened to you? You used to be adorable.)

Sure, it's interesting to wonder who he's going to look like. But, ultimately what he's going to act like is far more interesting to consider. 

Based on early returns, he'll enjoy sleeping 20 hours a day and be quick-tempered with anyone unfortunate enough to adjust his underwear. But, I'm betting these two things could change. 

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