Friday, April 6, 2012

The World, What We Don't and Won't Know

As I've chronicled in this space as recently as yesterday, Mrs. Blackwell and I have covered a lot of ground in preparation for the arrival of our little guy.

We've marched through the aisles of Babies R Us in search of necessities    more than once

I've gone to Daddy Bootcamp (where I was honorably discharged, thank you very much). And I've attended an eight-hour birthing class with my wife where we heard a lot about other discharges, thank you very much. 

I've read through books, though not in their entirety. I'll have one read cover-to-cover soon and I've pretty much abused Wikipedia. 

We've got a baby room, with baby furniture, a baby lamp, baby toys and baby clothes and storage for our baby toys and baby clothes.

Ignorance is bliss. Confusing, confusing, bliss.
So, as the big day approaches the inevitable second guessing has set in and we've started to wonder just what we're not remembering. What possible shreds of vital information are out there that we don't have?

Perhaps there's a way to ensure the baby sleeps through the night that's been kept from our ears?

How about a feeding technique or some tips to avoid colic?

Maybe there's another miracle product that will make life easier?

As my wife will happily tell you, there are many, many things I don't know. However, what I have going for me is, I am fully aware of this. 

Simply put, I know there's a lot I don't know, except about how much I don't know    I know a lot about that.

The world has a wonderful way of humbling those who think they know it all. I don't like tempting the world, she's got a pretty good win-loss record. So, I'll just  be meek in advance and assume that, we're not that prepared, that we don't know what we should and that, perhaps, the world will have pity on us. 

Ya see world? I'm forfeiting. No need to flex your might.

Of course the world doesn't have pity. In fact if the world were a person she'd probably be classified as a sociopath. So, even if we do have a smooth ride the first couple of years, things will even out on the back end. 

Once junior decides he wants a Facebook account and then somehow parlays that into an illegal online gambling outfit. Or maybe he teaches the other kids how to make their iPods explode.

That's assuming Facebook and iPods are even around when he's old enough to use them.
This is the Pinterest logo. If you've never seen it, the world is
passing you by. That is until the next big thing comes along
and you discover it before your friends. Then you'll be a tech geek.

Which brings up the next big concern with the world and things I don't know. It's moving so damn fast how do you keep up?

I work at an office that seeks to embrace and utilize all the latest and greatest technology as it emerges and still, at least once each week, someone mentions one technology I've never heard of. (Special thanks to Mrs. Blackwell for helping me be the first guy I knew who'd heard of Pinterest.)

How do you keep up with kids who are always first to hear about and adopt these things? 

I haven't feared technology to this point and I won't start now. Instead, I'll again acknowledge that no matter how much I know there's plenty I don't and continue to believe that the one thing that can trump technology in a kid's hands, is experience.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Black Choooooobe! It's Jenn from Tortola : ) Congrats on the upcoming arrival, I'm so happy for you! FYI, I'm a lactation consultant now, so if you have any questions about avoiding colic, let me know, hehe.
Hope the l&d is as calm as can be and you guys enjoy your 'babymoon'!