Friday, April 20, 2012

Fun Before You Were Born

As a kid, my mom and dad would frequently reference the good old days. This time was comprised of having lots of friends, traveling and their only child being an English Springer Spaniel named Blue.

Mom and dad never actually called these the "good old days" but they were always very specifically referencing the time in their life when they were married without children.

The 70's: bad hair was the least of our worries.
"Back when we used to have fun," they'd joke (I think they were joking).

When I was younger, my concept of this time included my father having a mustache, mom's hair being longer and them driving a yellow Dodge Challenger. This is admittedly, a cool and almost stereotypical representation of the 70's. 

That was mom and dad's life, mustaches, hair and a muscle car.

Meh. Sounds kind of boring    when you're six years old.

Now, on the cusp of parenthood, I find myself thinking back to mom and dad's life more and more. The freedom. How much fun they had. There are, of course, many, many more details that go beyond hair and an awesome car. 

For their part Mrs. Blackwell's parents speak fondly of their time together before they had her. So, as a couple, we come by our enjoyment of one another honestly.

We laugh    a lot. We jump in the car and go somewhere on a whim. We tend to like the same movies and music (though she's got a soft spot for romantic comedies which strangely don't include any laughter, and I'll mindlessly gulp down an action movie in a heartbeat). We'll both try new foods, drinks and experiences. Most of all, we enjoy doing all this together. In more than four years as a couple that hasn't changed an iota.

Talking with Mrs. Blackwell the other night about "the time before children" we both agreed that, while we enjoy one another and we've enjoyed being a twosome, there was not likely to be a time when we'd want to give this up.

Simply put, there was never going to be a perfect time to have a baby. If a couple who knows they want to be parents one day is too busy having fun to think about having a baby, when is the ideal time for them to have one?

Talk about a question with a litany of uncomfortable answers.

Mr. and Mrs. Excitement
"You know, things have gotten a little stale between us lately. Perhaps it's time we have a baby."

"Darling, we've tried it all together, bungee jumping, skydiving, ultimate fighting, perhaps we take it to the next level and try birthing a child and then raising it for 18 years!"

That'll really spice up the marriage. Maybe for some folks it works that way. 

But I'd wager that we are like many, many other couples in that there was never going to be a perfect time. There was never going to be a time when we didn't perhaps look back wistfully at our time together, before we had kids. 

But, when you're having this much fun, maybe the best thing is to share it.


New Sun Design said...

Yer hilarious, Mr Excitement. What are you driving these days?

RT said...

Make that a canary yellow Challenger with a 383 magnum and a bad ass spoiler. A real machine!

RT said...

Make that a canary yellow Challenger with a 383 magnum and a bad ass spoiler. A real machine!

Blackwell said...

RT (AKA Dad), just to show you how times have changed, according to a muscle car website, that car got 9.2 miles to the gallon.

Ms. G. said...

Back then who cared about gas mileage. It was all about the speed, baby!