Monday, April 16, 2012

Interrupting Nap Time for Fun Time

Mrs. Blackwell and I had a great weekend. 

Friday consisted of a quiet night together with a couple of movies while on Saturday, a close friend of Mrs. Blackwell's celebrated a birthday so, to commemorate this occasion we traveled to a local winery.

Lots of friends, some wine and beer and cooperative weather. It was one of those days that we are told that we'll be enjoying less of once the little one arrives.

"Enjoy it while you can," we are regularly reminded "it will all be over once the baby gets here."

While that's true, it's also true that, what ever "it" is, it's been over for a while already. 

When life gets in the way of fun, invoke the
gospel of Mad Magazine.
If "it" is the freedom to just get up and go wherever we choose, whenever we feel like going, that's been resting in peace for months. 

No more was that apparent, than Saturday.

As we were getting ready to leave the house, I noticed Mrs. Blackwell moving a little slower than normal, sighing a bit and, in general, not being her typically sunny self. 

It turns out she hadn't felt the baby move in a while. As the guy in this situation, there really is no allaying this anxiety and, while I understand it, I'm not quite as quick to pull the worry trigger. 

With the amount of checkups we get and how pleased our doctors were last week, I was confident the little guy was just taking a long nap.

We'd both been looking forward to our day Saturday. Get togethers with large groups of friends become less frequent with or without a baby added to the equation. But, if Mrs. Blackwell was gripped by worry, there would be no point going.

So, yeah, maybe the baby isn't born yet but, that aforementioned freedom is loooong gone. And that's fine. In fact, the past eight or so months have been a pretty nice breaking-in period. 

The second trick in my bag    begging.
I know that all of this is but a pale preamble to the main event but the lesson holds. Something outside of Mrs. Blackwell and I is taking precedent now. 

In this instance I was a little panicked. It was a beautiful day and like a little kid, I just wanted to have play time with my friends. 

So, I retrieved the only trick in my bag for when the baby decides he wants to sit still for a while. I talked to him.

What I said: "Hello son, it's your dad. How ya doin' in there? Mommy and daddy need you to move around a bit, just a few kicks or shoves and we'll be good. You can go back to nap time right after, just give us a couple of kicks buddy. Mommy and daddy love you."

What I meant: "Son. Daddy, really, really wants to go out today. It's been a long week and, frankly boy, I just want to sit in the sun and drink a beer. We're pretty much at your mercy here but, soon, you'll be at ours. Choose wisely."

And with that, my son began rolling, kicking and shoving around. 

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