Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We Need a Bigger "Thanks"

Over the weekend Mrs. Blackwell was the recipient of a rather lavish baby shower. 

I didn't attend the bash; this was Mrs. Blackwell's day and, if ever there was an event tailor made for women and not men, this was it. So, I stayed home and made sure that the college basketball season was still surviving.

Meanwhile in a nearby small town, a group of women gathered and did what women do best: socialize, make and eat fantastic food and, in general, enjoy each other's company.

My gift: a fully-loaded, daddy baby apron, complete
with a surgical mask and goggles. Sweet.
That would be the simple way of describing what happened. The more complicated and far more accurate way to describe the event falls below. 

First of all, the women decorated the venue. Centerpieces, flowers and picture arrangements are just a few of the things I'm aware of, though I'm sure there's plenty I wasn't informed of. (With all that fabulousness, who can keep track right ladies?)

Then there was the food. To attempt to catalog all the food would be futile; there was just too much, it was too grand and, quite frankly, decadent. (Cream-cheese filled strawberries?)

Suffice it to say, I've got a year's worth of Hershey's candy, brownies, cookies and a breakfast casserole sitting in my fridge (the Corningware tray is ours too right Gayla? Kidding.)

But, these parties aren't all chocolate and casseroles, there's also an incomprehensibly large number of gifts involved too. Stuffed animal after stuffed animal. Car seats. Baby mats. Creams for baby butts, baby bottles, baby clothes and (did I mention?) more stuffed animals than our little guy could ever need. 

Now, all of this on its own would be excessive but, this was not the first baby shower. Mrs. Blackwell, it would seem, is a popular person. A couple of weeks ago a group of  her close friends gathered at one of their homes, where they were feted with made-from-scratch food, beautiful surroundings and enthusiastic company. 

Through a series of bumps in Morse code, he
said "Thanks." He's just so smart! 
Here too, Mrs. Blackwell was the recipient of a boatload of gifts and treatment befitting royalty. I say "Mrs. Blackwell was the recipient" of the gifts but of course the gifts all go toward making sure that when our little guy arrives his needs are accounted for.  So the gifts are for our family as a whole.  

Being the recipient of such generosity is overwhelming. Saying "Thanks" feels inadequate and it is but, really, that's all we've got. 

And that's all we've had since this ride began. From the first bump in the road, there has been family standing by to provide 130-mile car rides for our twice-weekly doctor visits. Friends sending words of encouragement when times have been tough, parents at the ready for two-hour phone calls to mostly listen but to let us know that, no matter what, everything is going to be alright.

People we barely know, have lent empathetic ears and told us of the tough times they've been through as they made their way toward parenthood.

Add this most recent baby shower to the long list of things for which we're grateful and thankful and the latest evidence that "Thanks" is just not a big enough word.  

That said, thanks. Thanks very much. 

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