Friday, March 9, 2012

Fruit, Veggies and the Baby

It's one of the oddities of pregnancy that it's become customary for women, doctors and other pregnancy experts to liken the size of an unborn baby to fruits and vegetables. 

As we've marched toward the big day, we've taken a couple of pictures of Mrs. Blackwell holding the fruit that corresponds to the week of development. 

It's a cute little exercise to help document this process. But I can't help but notice that, as we move forward, the fruits and vegetables are trending in a negative direction.

In week five an unborn baby is, apparently, the size of an apple seed. Awwww, how cute!

Where was the giant gummi bear when we needed him?
The next few weeks progress through similarly sweet, adorable analogies. Blueberries. Raspberries. Limes. Plums. Peaches and Lemons. 

But, as the realities of pregnancy and impending parenthood emerge, the charming fruits have fallen by the wayside.

(Again, I'm not sure how fruit became the prevailing comparison, especially when candy is out there.) 

The turning point came in Week 16 when the avocado made his appearance. I love avocado but, it's not much to look at. Its dark, green, reptilian skin might conceal a tasty center, but they're a homely fruit. 

Next up, in Week 17 was the onion with it's acidic, acrid, tear-inducing juices serving as the shot across the bow, a wake up call of sorts that the glow was officially gone. 

From here on out this wasn't about cuteness, it was about responsibility, planning and, in general, reworking your worldview to put someone else at the center. 

In Week 18, the potato dropped in to drive this dagger of reality home. Brown, lumpy, dusty and as homely as they get, the potato is without peer in its simplicity and, in this case it's message was a simple one: "Fun time is ovah!"

There have been a few bright spots since the potato, including the cantaloupe, not a pretty fruit, but it's sweet, tasty and can look appetizing when cut up. 

Our little guy! He gets his dimples from his mom.
But this was promptly followed up with the papaya which sounds nice but, upon further viewing, appears to be the byproduct of an avocado and a lemon spending a rum-fueled night together at a cheap motel. 

Since then, we've seen an eggplant, a head of lettuce, cauliflower and a rutabega - the most despised of all rutas. 

And now here we are in week 29: AKA the week of the Acorn Squash. That low, crawling sound you hear is my skin.

While these fruits and vegetables might be serving as negative symbolism for someone choosing to look at the glass as half full, they are superseded by pictures we get of our little guy. 

One of the benefits of having to check in with our doctors once a week is that we regularly get ultrasound and 3D pictures of him inside the womb. 

The fruit and veggies are progressively getting uglier and uglier but he most certainly is not.  Thank you very much and pass the potatoes.

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