Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bumps in the Night

Living with your better half, there are moments when the male and female roles are clearly defined and there is no question as to who will bear the responsibility for handling a situation. 

Noises from just outside or inside the home are one of those situations as they are left to the man to investigate. It's a traditional role for us big, strong guys and one we're comfortable  with because, just about every time, there's just nothing to worry about.

But, that doesn't mean the prospect of walking downstairs to investigate isn't a bit scary though.

For some reason, burglars don't fear me. (Also, to my old pal
Mark Eberlie; is it OK to use this picture? Hah!)
Being awakened from a pleasant slumber is undesirable at the best of times, and when your awakening is punctuated by being shaken and a "Honey! Did you hear that!" it's particularly jarring. 

So, in a half-awake but fully-annoyed state, the guy dutifully gets out of bed and drags his heels for a lap around the house. Given his state of dishevelment  a cat burglar could be eating out of the fridge and the guy wouldn't notice but, that's not the point. 

The point is his wife is worried and he needs to make her feel better - or she won't let him sleep.

As a pregnancy progresses, bumps take center stage.

Pregnant ladies are asked by everyone from friends and family to faint acquaintances if they can touch her stomach. Most of the time these people are hoping to feel the baby moving and bumping around. Expectant dads will spend minutes on end waiting, waiting, waiting to feel the bumps.

But most of all, pregnant ladies wait for the bumps or "kick counts." When they are there, all is well with mom, fears are allayed and breathing is easy. When they are not, fear is plentiful and breathing is optional. 

Any mom who has gone a few hours without getting the kicks she wants isn't going to sleep and there's nothing that the big, strong guy can do about it. 

And, unlike those other bumps in the night, the solutions to ease the mind aren't as simple as sending your husband to give the house a half-assed once over. 

As is the case in nearly every other aspect of life, the unknown is the source of the most angst. In this case, angst is erased the moment the kicks return.

Until then you both might as well take a few laps around the house.

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