Friday, February 10, 2012

What's for Dinner?

One of the big points of interest people love to discuss when a woman gets pregnant is her changing appetite. 

How they became "the" pregnancy food we may never know.
Prior to Mrs. Blackwell's pregnancy, we were repeatedly told of how we could expect some drastic shifts in what her pallet would demand.

Pickles and peanut butter, Mexican food, spicy food, ice cream, cake and fish sandwiches are just a few of the foods some ladies told us they craved during their pregnancy.

Fortunately for me, Mrs. Blackwell's appetites have shifted in a fantastic direction. There's been no "asparagus and grape jelly were all I want." No sir.

I've never known my wife to be anything but a disciplined, healthy eater. There are always vegetables on her plate. Unless I'm cooking, there's never any fried food around. And while this  is an admirable trait, biology dictates that she's had to make a few changes to her diet. 

And pregnant women don't always have the energy to cook so this has allowed me to at least partially fill the vacuum with some of my personal time-tested favorites.

Mac and cheese (using real cheese) with hot dog slices.

Beans and franks. (That's it for the hot dogs, I swear).

Home made hash browns.

And omelets as far as the eye can see. (Don't worry folks. It's only partially cooked eggs that aren't good. In fact, eggs have been shown to actually help make smart babies.)
Pictured: Not likely happening any time soon.

And we've been eating out a bit more too. But not fancy schmancy meals. No way. We like:

Big burritos.


Chinese food.

And, she's even suggested that she wants to go to McDonald's for a burger (though I'll believe that when I see it).

In the meantime, I'll continue to enjoy the proliferation of comfort food and the fact that, for now, it's only two mouths we're worried about pleasing.

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