Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Mythical Daddy Shower

Mrs. Blackwell has a special event coming up soon in the form of a baby shower. This activity is a most amazing affair and proof that women have got the upper hand on men when it comes to appreciating a moment.

Gospel has a new name.
The idea here, as best as I can tell, is that friends and family members get together with the expectant mom, eat fantastic food and "shower" her with gifts. There are no catches, no 90-minute sales pitches to timeshare a condo; it's just an honest gesture of heartfelt generosity. 

Based upon research provided by Wikipedia, showers go something like this: 

the ladies get together. The non-pregnant ones drink  wine. They all gab about how foolish their husbands are but how, in the end, they still love them. The women with kids talk about how scared they were and relay any difficulties they had with their pregnancy, delivery and in dealing with a newborn. Together they all smile, laugh and, in general, bask in the effervescent glow of impending motherhood. 

And, meanwhile, in a dark corner far, far away, nestled roughly six feet in front of a television, the husband sits. He might be wondering when his wife is coming home. He might be waiting for the game to start. Maybe he has a dog or cat by his feet so he's not alone.  Maybe he is working around the house, although, let's face it, he's probably not. 

Higher profile than daddy showers.
Perhaps he is out at the gym. But, again, let's face it, he's probably not. Perhaps he's engaging in an activity that surpasses modern concepts of productivity. Something so cool, so useful, that others would struggle to comprehend its sheer awesomeness.

Indeed, he might just be doing some of these things. And, even if he were doing them all at once, he still wouldn't be spending his time as usefully as his wife. I'm told there is a fatherly equivalent to the baby shower, though I've seen little  evidence to support this so called "Daddy Shower."

Contrary to my view of the Daddy Shower as fiction, Mrs. Blackwell told me that  they indeed exist. However, after conferring with some fathers, none I talked to had ever heard of such a thing. In my wife's version, this thing goes a little something like this:

a bunch of dudes get together at a bar, in a house, wherever there is a roof and electricity, and they bring diapers and  beer. So, it's like most nights out with the guys with the exception that there are diapers there - then again, perhaps your nights out with the guys already included diapers.

That said, most guys are instinctively put off by the idea of getting together with a bunch of other guys and immersing themselves in conversations of fatherhood. But,  take serious  topics out of the discussion, add in Monday Night Football, and we're there.  It's a total meathead approach, I agree, but I'm no better. There will be no Daddy Shower happening for me. It's just another curiosity I'm seeing for the first time and an instance where it's actually justified to make a big deal out of something important. Kind of like a football game.


Chris said...

Hey Mark, I don't think we've met but I've known your wife for a number of years now. Glad to see you have a blog about fatherhood and twins. I too have twin boys. They just turned 2! It's an amazing adventure.

For our baby shower we had a couples shower (whatever that is). We pretty much had all of our friends over and combined drinking games with baby presents. We had a blast. Don't know if that would float for y'all but we loved it. It was also Saluki themed, since I'm a huge Saluki fan just waiting on Lowery to get fired.

Anyway, again, glad to see the blog. I always encourage such stuff since I too have one. Not anything remotely about your topics but I do operate a political blog, The Fold Blog

I'll give you a bookmark and good luck with the babies.

Blackwell said...

Chris, thanks for the well wishes. Much appreciated. Also, I'll take all the twin advice you care to impart.

Nice blog, I've bookmarked you. Looks like you're going to have a fun 2012.

Anonymous said...

I had a baby shower but it just consisted of booze and gambling in Niagara Falls :) Basically one last night out before the crazyness happened. Make sure to do it atleast 1-2 months prior to delivery date. Would not be good to be drunk in another city and have your wife's water pop. Anyhow, as allways good read and I look forward to some more posts.