Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You Want to Name a Baby? Have a Baby. – Part I

Mrs. Blackwell and I decided early on that, if we ever had a boy, we’d name him ????. It’s an old name and, while it’s usually a surname, it didn’t seem to be a reach into the far-flung or trendy.

Pictured: Blackwell's self-satisfaction with his taste in names
As it turns out, we’re having two boys, so we opted for my mother’s maiden name, ?????, too.

????? and ?????. I decided immediately that these names were fantastic and I just knew everyone would agree.

Mrs. Blackwell and I had done what no other couple had: we’d selected two perfect names. Names destined to be universally loved and admired.

“My what smart names!” our friends would say. “Original, but not trendy,” others would decide.

And, sure enough, most folks seemed genuinely pleased with our choices. And then, over the holidays, it happened. I was at a Christmas party when a well intentioned woman asked tentatively, “Have you got names yet?”

“Why yes," I said merrily. "????? and ?????.”

Judging by her reaction I could have just as easily said, “Why yes. We’ll be naming them Screw and You.”

This woman was obviously not a fan and I laughed at her reaction. Mistaking my laughter for something else, the lady said with relief, “Oh, you’re kidding. Hah!”

“Oh no,” I replied, “those are their names. You don’t like them, but that’s alright. We do.”

I continued to laugh. I’m not sure if the lady was more perplexed by my reaction, or the names we’ve selected. Her bemusement notwithstanding, our exchange ended warmly.

But, upon further reflection, I began to get offended.

“These are great names. What does that old lady know?”

Then, recently, I met a lady who has a one-year-old boy named ‘Kyler.’ My first instinct was, “What were you thinkng? It sounds like you couldn’t decide between Kyle or Tyler.” Then I thought about the lady at the party and I stopped.

I didn’t do a 180 and decide Kyler is a great name. I did however decide that the right people decided it was. Kyler’s mom and dad thought a lot about that name and they love it. Who’s to say how much thought the parents of John or William put into their name?

The more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve decided naming a baby is a lot like raising them. Everyone has an opinion. Some folks will think you’re doing great, while others will think you’re loony.

If, by the time they’re grown men, my biggest regret is that we’ve named our sons ????? and ????? my wife and I will have done a lot right. That said, there are lines.


P.S. With consideration for the relativity of taste in mind, please enjoy the world class photography I’ve included below. I’m considering getting a 24 X 36 above my bed. Thoughts?

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Connor said...

I think those names are awesome! I have decided that if I ever have children I will be using Taylor as a name since I won't be able to pass on my last name. Also love the photography! :D