Friday, January 27, 2012

Thanks to the Pregnant Ladies

Today is exactly two days until Mrs. Blackwell's birthday. She's never expressed any inkling to be bashful about her age but, I'll not test for it here. Suffice it to say, she's comfortably still in her 20's. (For what it's worth, I am not.)

Being as this blog is largely about the unborn identical twin boys she is currently providing room and board to, I thought it would be nice to give my lady her due and, in addition to a happy birthday, say thanks to her and all the pregnant women out there. 

Proof every dog has his day. Yes, that's really me with my wife.
Thanks for being tough. When we guys catch ourselves prattling on about being sore, or tired after a long day at work we can look at you -- and the large bump now occupying your stomach -- and promptly realize, it's time to shut our mouths.  

Thanks, ladies, for understanding how inherently ill-equipped men are to be interested in some things. 

In the grand scheme of life, does the color of the onesie our child wears matter? Or what about the the little towel wraps we'll be using to dry them off? Does it matter if those wraps are ducks or frogs? A great big "No" to both of those. But, in the grand scheme of life, does it matter if the Tar Heels are guarding the three-point shot well and have adapted quite well to the loss of their starting shooting guard? After checking with the good folks at the Bureau of Common Sense, it turns out, sports don't matter as much as the onesie. Who knew?

Yet you occasionally still act interested in hockey. Thanks (go Leafs, and don't look now but the Blues are really, really good).

Thanks for caring about and identifying all those things that the kids will need once they get here. If it was left up to most dads, life on newborns would make for a pretty spartan existence. After a crib and the diapers, most of us don't really know what comes next. 

"Surely playing cards and poker chips are serviceable toys for newborns."

"Thanks. But a little more room would be nice."
"What do you mean he can't shuck his own oysters yet? Well, too bad. That's what they're serving at the party tonight and that's what we'll be eating."

Thanks for having a sense of humor. How would most guys react to having their bodies taken over and completely changed in the space of a few weeks? Here, I won't speak for most guys, but I will say that this guy would probably flip right out. This guy is a bit more vain than he'll ever admit and so are lots of the guys he knows. Yet plenty of women have fun with it by dancing and adding lots of odd, awkward movements to accentuate the situation -- kind of like wearing a prosthetic belly for a few months. 

There's a lot out more out there to be thankful for but, for now, thanks for being mine. 

Happy birthday sweetheart.

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